The Big Tiny Project begins!

Welcome to the Big Tiny Project! We are excited to share this journey with you as we go through the ups and downs of building our own (big) tiny home.

Perhaps the most common question we get when we walk with friends and family about our plans is why are we going tiny?

For us, going tiny means financial freedom and independence. Ever since we met, we have been planning our forever home and our self-sufficient homestead, and our tiny home is a big part of that plan. By building our tiny ourselves, with cash, we are choosing to opt out of the rent and mortgage cycle that is currently dictating our lives. Building our tiny will allow us to eventually live on our homestead property rent and mortgage free, so we will be able to spend our time, energy, and money on setting up the rest of our homestead.

In addition to financial freedom, going tiny also means scaling down on unnecessary possessions. As future homesteaders, we are firm believers in being prepared for situations, but we also want to make sure we don’t unnecessarily hold on to things which just end up taking up space and creating clutter and stress in our lives. So going tiny is a wonderful opportunity to take a long hard look at the items we choose to bring into our home and be very purposeful in those choices. (For full disclosure, we do intend to have a separate storage area for our tools and will not be getting rid of those, or storing them in the tiny home.) We want to make sure that everything in our home either makes us delightfully happy or serves a purpose that is integral to our lives (like, you know, a vacuum when you have two dogs who shed like maniacs…).

So what’s the plan?

We are currently working on finalizing our tiny home design (it’s pretty much done, just making minor tweaks at this point), and will be ordering a trailer within the next few weeks. Construction will begin this summer. We will be working on this project while we are both working full time, so work will happen primarily on the evenings and weekends. We expect it to take us one to two years to complete all the building and finishing.

Taking on the task of building your own home is no small feat. While our day jobs might not be in construction, Mr. Big Tiny grew up in a small rural town in New Hampshire, where he spent a lot of his time working on all sorts of construction projects with his dad. Mrs. Big Tiny has also spent a great deal of time doing home renovations, design, and planning, and is an obsessive researcher of all things details. Our forces combined make us a great team to be successful in this project. Come learn and experience the process of a DIY (big) tiny home build with us!

One important note: Since there is a lot of emotion tied up in the definition of what makes a tiny home, we want to be clear that our home is 460 sq feet (plus a bedroom in the loft), and therefore over the typical 400 sq foot cutoff to fit the definition of a tiny home. Hence why we are calling this a “(big) tiny home.” For simplicity’s sake, we will often refer to the home as a tiny home, but we recognize that the definition that is commonly accepted is 400 sq feet or less.

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