Our design

Tiny homes are incredible opportunities for creativity and optimizing every single space. I (Mrs. Big Tiny) love architecture and interior design, and revel in the chance to get creative and play with our space-to-be. As a couple that will be sharing the space and both working remotely, we have some very specific requirements for our house design – the most notable is that we needed to have two separate, dedicated office spaces (an actual requirement for one of our jobs), which is not something you often (if ever) see in a tiny home.

Some other things we wanted to make sure our tiny home included:

  • Separate closets for each of us (due to different organization levels and the desire to maintain marital harmony)
  • A larger kitchen area with a few feet of continuous counter space for cooking together
  • A “living room” area with a couch that can seat 4+ people and sometimes hold a table for games (we love to entertain and have regular game nights)
  • A bedroom you can stand up in
  • An eating space that can comfortably fit 4 people
  • An indoor utility closet
  • A coat closet
  • A combo washer/dryer
  • Built in dog toy, food, and water storage
  • The ability to be fully off grid (solar and battery bank, greywater system, composting toilet, efficient heating and ventilation system)

Throughout the design process, we have spent a ridiculous amount of time watching youtube videos of tiny house tours and finding ideas we like and want to incorporate into our home. Some of our favorite channels are:

Over the past several months, we have been iterating through designs, tweaking, sometimes overhauling, and sometimes starting completely from scratch. We have tried all kinds of designs, sizes, slide outs, pop up roofs, bump outs, and configurations, and have finally started to settle in on something we really like.

We will be using a 36 foot trailer with a 7 foot gooseneck that is 10 feet wide. We opted to use the additional width to make the kitchen space more functional for two people cooking at the same time, and also to be able to incorporate our need for home office space. We only intend to move this home one or two times in its life, so the additional space made sense for us. I (Mrs. Big Tiny) personally love tinier tiny homes, but including the additional space was part of the compromise to get the other half of Team Big Tiny on board. And since we will both be living in this space, it was important for everyone to be happy with the final outcome. (See an upcoming post by Mr. Big Tiny on what it’s like adopting the tiny lifestyle and mindset when you are far from a minimalist.)

We expect that this design will continue to evolve as the project goes on, but we feel like we have got the main points solidified now, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: To see how our design has evolved from here, check out this post!

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